Introducing Magnolia Loom

Magnolia Loom by Chapman Trading Co. is a line of quality cotton pocket T-shirts that are certified Georgia Grown. From seed to shirt, Magnolia Loom pocket T’s come from cotton that is grown and processed in Georgia. The fabric is cut and sewn in Swainsboro. From there, Magnolia Loom shirts are sold exclusively through Chapman Trading Co. and can be customized to fit your needs. 

Magnolia Loom shirts are designed for customers who appreciate a quality product that is not only made in America, but made in Georgia.

Why Choose Magnolia Loom?

Magnolia Loom’s goal is to support the agriculture and cotton industry in Georgia as much as possible. That’s why every Magnolia Loom T-shirt goes from seed to shirt in our great state of Georgia. Cotton is a big business in Georgia and is the source of many family incomes. 

By the numbers:

  • Georgia ranks third nationally in cotton production and acres planted.
  • Cotton-related professions provide 53,000 jobs in Georgia.
  • Georgia cotton’s overall impact exceeds $3 billion.    

Magnolia Loom by Chapman Trading Co. is dedicated to supporting the industry that supports so many of us. Purchase your business’s or organization’s T-shirts from Magnolia Loom, and you will be wearing a high-quality, local product.

Our Story

As an 11 year old running Zeke’s Produce, a bulk produce stand in Georgia, Zeke Chapman formed ties to the Georgia Agriculture community. Although Zeke and his family weren’t farmers, he understood the importance of agriculture at an early age.

Zeke’s first foray into apparel came when he had custom T-shirts made for Zeke’s Produce. Today, he owns Chapman Trading Co. in Sandersville GA, which provides quality custom apparel and printing. Still, Zeke wanted to do more to support the Georgia agriculture industry he loves so much. 

As many organizations struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic, Zeke partnered with the Georgia FFA Foundation to provide support to the state’s agriculture industry. Chapman Trading Co. plans to continue that partnership and do more to support agriculture in the Peach State. 

That’s where Magnolia Loom comes in.

Zeke Chapman


Looking for customized Magnolia Loom Tees?

1. Fill out the form below with your information and we will send you a Magnolia Loom sample shirt.
2. Then you will work directly with our team to finalize your artwork and order.

3. Your Georgia grown shirts will arrive in October!

ML shirts are currently available in adult pocket tees sizes small – 3XL in the 12 colors shown. We are taking orders during the month of July to be spun, cut and sewn by the end of September then available to our customers by the end of October.

After our first production run we will have stock of all 12 colors in house, ready to print and ship right away. At that time we will accept orders of a 48 piece minimum. Please fill out this form so that we can begin the conversation of how you can get your Georgia grown and sewn shirts!

Shirt Colors

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*If we do not currently have your shirt size in stock we will send the next best option.
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